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copying music ?


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I was wondering, in transferring music (on a mac), from your itunes library onto a HD and then using the HD to transfer the music to another mac and putting them into the itunes of the new mac. Can your simply copy the music in the original itunes straight from the playlist(s) itself onto the HD or do you have to actually copy the original file for each individual song in order for the tracks to be recognized and able to play in the new itunes...

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They're just files, so you can copy them (including backing them up) just like any other data. Drag and drop. If they are DRM-protected, they won't play on the other computer unless it's authorized to do so.


What you can't do, I think, is use iTunes to burn them to a disk as data.

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You have to do the data copying, and do the "import music" option on the new computer with the external HD hooked up, so it will copy the files into iTunes. I think the extra info is stored in the music library xml file, and that is what gets updated when you import, and also tells the program what music is there.


If you copy it as music, from a playlist, your only option AFAIK is to burn a music CD

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If you have a Mac, you can do this:

- Insert the music CD

- Open iTunes

- If iTunes ask you to "import the CD" click "Yes"

- Else you can find "import" in the top menus


The "import the CD" process will load tracks from the music CD, to your iTunes Library


Note also, that you can highlight anything in your iTunes and copy them


If you want to copy them manually, then you have to ask experts at the Mac Forums

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