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Scientific discovery is staggering: fish walk on the bottom of the sea!


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Where the organization announced the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research in Australia, CSIRO today announced the first discovery is very surprising, when I discovered that there were nine new species of fish, which are not already on the bottom of the sea!!




Know this wonderful fish you see in the picture as "a Pink Handfish", one of the family Handfishs that have been discovered for the first time in 1999 in the Tasman Peninsula, Australia.new-handfish-species-fish-spotted_20879_600x450.jpg




Strangely, this family is a distinctive fish used their fins to walk on the seabed and the ocean rather than swim, so scientists dubbed the "fish with a hand" to use their fins Koidi going out on the seabed and the ocean!


Scientists say that these fish were "walk" in the seas and oceans of the world 50 million years ago, but do not exist today only in the southern and eastern Australia only.!





What really amazes me is that we increased our progress as the more our ignorance and our sense of the extent of the right way before all this beauty in which we live, which makes sense when we remember that we are not talking about creativity, like any innovation, we are talking beauty of the universe


The exciting part is that this is the first time you see the pink fish with the hand they are still alive since 1999, which will lead scientists to formally considered a new type of fish species.


The CSIRO has published these images in research calls for more attention and protection of the rich marine life in Australia









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This is another picture of a hand fish that is a better shot of the hand. It unquextionably has 5 fingers. I think this one looks very much like a frog, only its back legs aren't developed and it has fins. As long as this creature is in water, the back end is used for swimming, instead of walking or jumping.

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It always seemed evolutionarily logical that creatures evolved to walk on the sea floor. How else would any other animal be able to walk on land if they did not evolve the means to do so first?


They are certainly stunningly beautiful fish, in a weird sort of way.

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I know there was join Aussie/New Zealand expedition a year or so ago. They spent 3 months in the Tasman Sea and came back with some rediculous number of new species. The oceans are amazing places.

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