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What type of science is this?


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My main interests go along these lines would you define it as philosophy?


Everything relates, The smallest decision one makes can have a tremendous and lasting difference on your life, For instance A woman and her child are walking down the street and are met by a man in purple pants. They notice him because of his unusual attire. They watch as the man bends over and picks up a quarter on the sidewalk he smiles and the woman smiles back. They engage in conversation about a penny saved is a penny earned and realize they enjoy each others company and as such set a date for the future. The man continues on to a job interview and the woman shopping for her son. The man gets his job because he is in great spirits now. The woman is not so fortunate. She lives on a fixed income and though she meant to only buy new clothing for her son she feels it neccessary to buy a new dress for the occasion. as a direct result of this their grocery budget is much smaller, not desperately but enough she will have to use the food bank because of her poor choice in order to make ends meet.


A few day's later the woman is on her way to the food bank and is noticed by her ex husband on the street. Secretly he follows her to see where she is going. The food bank is located in an unpopulated area behind some old warehouses. Her ex husband is in dis belief she is using these services and feels he is to blame. He hurry's back up the route she took and waits on a bench for her. As the woman approaches he glances up feigning surprise and offers to carry her groceries home. Once there he also takes out his wallet and gives her a few hundred dollars. To neither of their knowledge a homeless man from the unpopulated area has followed them to her home. He sees the exchange and watches the husband leave enter's the home rapes and assaults the woman, takes all her money, and leaves. The man in the purple pants turns out to be the Head nurse at the sexual assault clinic she goes to.


Strangely enough the quarter that was found earlier had been dropped by a man fumbling for change to give to the homeless man.

Please ignore the very obvious coincidences they are only meant to portray the circle of connections within a vast chain of events in a very brief fashion.

All of this entire story can be traced back to that small and insignificant quarter being dropped which organized a specific chain of events. What would have happened had the man not dropped it? What would have happened had the man not wore his purple pants? what would have happened had the Mother not splurged? Would any of the subsequent decisions been any different or is the sequence of events already set in motion and unalterable? How much does a minor change/decision effect the events to follow?

It's safe to say if that quarter had not been there the woman would not have engaged in conversation with him so would everything then have turned out entirely different?

Thanks for reading If you know what kind of science this is please direct me.

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