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Ethane + Hydrogen Peroxide -> ??


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The title states it all:

a) Would the 2 chemicals react

B) If so, what would the products be?


A few things i could guess:


1) CH3-CH3 + H2O2 -> 2 H2O + CH2=CH2


2) CH3-CH3 + 2 H2O2 -> 2 H2O + HO-CH2-CH2-OH


3) CH3-CH3 + H2O2 -> H2O + CH3-CH2-OH


Thanks in advance!

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As far as reacting goes what do you know about ethane and oxidizers (like for example Oxygen)? Is Peroxide a oxidizer? If so then the Carbon is going to be oxidized but the equation must be balanced.


This is homework right?

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