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Is this funny or am i just a loonie?

Zolar V

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Ok, so obviously i like science but everybody else doesn't.. I was bored and on FB. but i thought this was freaking hilarious, but apparently no one else got it. Tell me what you think.




>Someone else< I know I wanted it to rain, but I would also like a mystical umbrella that floats over my head to keep me dry. Getting out of the car after I post this. Come on mystical umbrella!!

>someone else<Well, no umbrella, but the rain did slow down enough that I didn't get soaked through on my walk. Optimism makes the world go round

>me< thought it was internal geophysics and moment created by gravitational waves induced by the immense mass of the sun......... :P

>someone else< English please Skip!


OMG NEW SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH! Earth, rotational velocity once thought to be the byproduct of the sun's gravitational waves DISPROVEN. Now replaced with Optimism! That's right kids, the harder you think about getting that Popsicle the faste...r earth spins along its axis.

>>>New study<<

>Scientists say high concentrations of optimism soon to doom the planet!

One scientist says, "With increased amounts of optimism you increase the axial velocity of the planet. This in turn causes the earth's wobbling to become ever increasingly unstable. After you hit 4 20 GiggaClowns of optimism the precarious balance between the wobble and other planets gravity wave propagation fails. You then have the earth spinning and partying all the way to the sun.

When this happens Mars breaks out the disco ball, and Venus turns up the jams.

>me< hmm, i missed putting in hookers and blow. maybe they will be at the party.


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