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How synapsis can be achived


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I'm dealing with artificial intelligence as a hoby.And to creat a intel feeling machine i m collectin data.

Even if you have little assumptions please dont hesitate to share


The question is:

As we are learning new logics we link neurons by synapses and creating new paths in our mind.


But i wonder how two neurons can know the other one is there and grow its one of the branches.


Is there a chemical going through the space between them to say come,grow im here!


Thanks for any reply.

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Ok. To intrigue,i want to put some ideas.


You can watch this to have idea what im talking about.


At 2:09 in time line you can see 2 neurons are connecting.Thats what i'm asking.How does this happining.



Also there is a big project called bluebrain.There are good points.



And a related documentary from discovery channel.You can download it and watch it.One of man is creating evoluationary intelligence corresponding to worms.

Discovery Channel Next World 2of6 Future Intelligence.


ANd a mathematical formula of a neuron you can read right from belove link but unable to creat new connections.



Even if you have little ideas pls share.

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The easiest way is use simple potentials. A resting neurons has a membrane potential; inside negative and outside positive. The outside positive is connected to Na+ ions while the inside negative is connected to K+ ions. When neurons fire there potential reverse via the Na+ and K+ reversing places.


The axon give off Na+ ions. It is much easier to release Na+ where there is less Na+. This means places where a neuron has already fired or fires more, so there is less Na+ and more K+ over a given time average. This is on the surface of an active dendrite. The dendrites do the opposite. Their firing means more K+ on the surface, more of the time than an axon. These will tend to move in the direction of less K+ and more Na+ to meet somewhere near an axon.


When you think about a given thing certain neurons for that memory fire more. This is where the potential for more connections is stronger. If you stop thinking about something (after finals and during summer break), these same neurons fire less, while other neuron fire more altering the branching direction.

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Thanks for your reply.


The dendrites do the opposite.


So axon and the dentrite behave like two different poles of the magnet when axon have a signal pulse for dentrites around it.

Good model to think on.





But there is a true path have to be chosen.I think neurons musn't link when they found each other firing randomly.


Also we must reduce the circuits to the digital electronic level

(We must find feed backs and,or,nor gates there)

Most importantly how this gates are programed the true way.


Also there is a good flash game for learning neuron i want to add.


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