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Evolving Pragmatism


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Tired after searchings for a full month, the Angel fell into a deep sleep. In doing so he dreamed. Why me Lord? What can I accomplish that you have not already done? And God spake unto the winged one. "Find me some new dry land down there on earth Angel". Land that has not yet been desecrated by the heathen horde?? And of which faction of the horde do you refer Lord? Any of them Angel, you know where I'm going with this? Relieved, the Angel spent the rest of the night in peaceful slumber. In heaven the next morning he reports to God that there were two such places on earth that had not as yet been raped, ravaged or pillaged. Good! and what are we gonna call them, asks God? Well, I was thinking that since these two beautiful and fabulous pieces of land are only joined by a small isthmus, thought I'd call them North and South America. You know, sort of split them apart. Got their names from a guy called: Amerigo Vespucci. They could have just as easily hav been called: North and South Vespers. but you know how those humans are? Good idea says God. But I was just wondering, how long do you think it will take the idiot factions of those new cultural groups to screw things up again? Remember, these are our last two "Gardens of Eden". Perhaps we should let that ignorant bunch of savages down there who don't even want to own it anyway, keep it? What do you think Angel?

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