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Ultraviolet Beings

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Suppose an alien visitor had come to Earth. Let's also say for arguments sake that this visitor had evolved on it's home planet with eyes that could only interpret and see ultraviolet light. What would he see on our planet? From what I've read the Earth's atmosphere blocks ~98% of the ultraviolet light that our star emits. Would this creature also be "blind" to normal light?

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It's all arbitrary, since we are imagining this alien. If he/she/it has evolved near a star similar to our own, but on a planet without ozone layer, he may be used to fairly higher amount of light than what is present on Earth. However, lets assume he will bring some sort of illumination devices, which he will use in both day and nighttime.

Because bees see some part of the UV spectrum, flowers have evolved to "shine" more with UV light, and have distinctive patterns unobservable for humans.




This is how humans will look like:


We will scare the shit out of them! :D

Human zombie attack FTW!!! :lol:

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