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Bluescreen FAIL

Zolar V

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I went to turn on my computer the other day and i ended up getting a blue screen after windows was loaded and after i logged into my account. Now being a slightly better than your average computer user i tried to track down the cause of the bluescreen to get around it. i found that if i enter safe mode i don't get a blue screen, atleast until i tried to open either of my AV programs. also it seemed that if i tried to open firefox it would freeze, though i only tried to do it once, and all 3 of these happenings i did at once. ( i know, when troubleshooting computer issues your supposed to do it singularly, but i tried to multitask.) The bluescreen flashes and my computer restarts, so i dont know what the bluescreen says. Tonight im going to try to change around the memory moduals to check if it is a memory leak. I HOPE IT IS. otherwise it looks like ill have to reinstall windows. If you guys have any suggestions, im open to them.



prolly get more views here....

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If you hit Win key + Pause Break to go into your System settings, there is an option somewhere to automatically restart on system failure. Uncheck that box, and you should be able to see what the blue screen is saying. In Win7 it's under Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery. Not sure about Vista and XP.

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If it doesn't happen in safe mode then I don't think it's a hardware problem...have you done:


1) System Restore to an earlier time, via Safe Mode if necessary?


2) Go into Safe Mode and open a Command window and type:


chkdsk c: /r /f


then press Enter. Do NOT interrupt it 'til it's finished.


3) Also try in Command window:


sfc /scannow Press Enter. Don't interrupt.


4) You could also try Recovery Console by booting up with your disk and there should be some sort of Repair option in it.

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thanks guys! I'm going to check the memory modules first, I think it may be that because of how it is shutting down.


I asked if you're running more than one antivirus because they typically interact with each other in bad ways if you have several. If you have more than one, I'd suggest picking your favorite and removing the others.


Since it didn't happen in safe mode until you tried using your antivirus software, I'd suggest that they may be the cause of the issue.

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Yes i use 2 av programs, Norton av and AVG-free. I doubt it was them though, it appears that it was a memory issue. i removed all modules, x2 1gb and x2 2gb modules and tried to boot with the x2 2gb and i got the bluescreen much faster.. i have in now x1 1gb module and it appears to be working.

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LOL, some random program ubuntu has is actually useful! :)


oh yea it's a failed module, over 66k fails right now


hmm it seems my 2 2gb modules are bad, I looked at em and they are rated for 1.8v. my 1gb modules are rated 2.1v. so I'm thinking I overvolateged them as default. oc ftw

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If you think it possible that one of your programmes is causing trouble at startup then you can run a Windows utility called MSCONFIG. I think you can do this after starting in safe mode. It will allow you to selectively remove programmes at startup completely safely (You just untick boxes that can be reticked later). The proceedure is slightly different for different Windows versions but info can be gained via Google. In vista you type in MSCONFIG and select Run. Then select the Startup tab and I suggest you untick all boxes to see if your computer restarts properly. If it does try selecting programs by ticking appropriate boxes and restarting.

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So, i got my computer partially working. 1 Memory module is dead.. the others work... all 4 slots have been tested and work.


However when i was running my memory diagnostics.. 1 stick at a time.

I missed pressing f9 a few times and it tried to boot up.. except it would say;


I'm sorry windows can't load: windows/system.sys is corrupt or missing. (paraphrased obviously)


So i dug out my cd, TY, btw.. u kno who :). and i put it in.. started it up.. booted off cd.. got to the install screen, and i pressed "r" following the directions from the previous window. ... it then proceeded to boot me into windows recover console in DOS, where it gave me;




Please enter which windows to boot from:

(Hit enter to cancel)#

>>i put 1, then it proceeded to do nothing so i hit enter.. to enter the command i think. Though according to the last >>statement enter meant cancel.

>> Then it gave me:



i proceeded to punch a wall.

so much for automated system recovery.

I then sat at the blinking cmd line prompt, for like 30 min while i called microsoft support to find the proper command line to reinstall the windows/system.sys file.. from the system.cab. Microsoft basically said FU and pay us 60 bucks.

I then rebooted my computer to get the exact file problem to txt to a friend which knows all this stuff and doesn't charge anything. Instead of booting to the error message like it did the past 7 times, it booted up and loaded windows.

So i get into windows and i'm like ok.. backup shit quick. moved a few files over to a different partition, then i opened system properties and was checking to see if i had system recovery on, and i do.

But then a Windows error message pops up and says:

Windows is shutting down Explorer because of a invalid data execution. then proceeded to close and reopen explorer

I opened Command Prompt: C:\\>...\\sfc\scannow


came back with nothing, did a check disk.. nothing..

but i opened my start menu and noticed a bunch of my programs are showing recently installed status.. and my time is jan1 2007. so i think windows did a recovery, when i was in the console.. but i'm not entirely sure.


i just spent like 4 hrs, all cuz i wanted to make a map in Stronghold.

I feel like punching Bill gates through a baby on a computer. -.-

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