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Do you think having a lot of pics of movie stars in the newspapers is just a waste of space and paper?


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well I found Boimbay crazy this time. It wasnt only the papers ! Every time I switched on the tv there was some filmstar giving an interview. There are far more intelligent people in India than the filmstars. It drove me crazy and I was only too glad to get back to Europe not that our tv is much better!!!

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I've never really understood the self-subordination psychology of people to celebrities - particularly when they subordinate themselves to idiots. To "follow" someone around like a pathetic puppy, eating up their bits of mundane droppings is just too sycophantic for my ego.


Not to mention it can't be healthy for these celebrities either. They may actually believe they're special because they have a tan and their name sounds like a failed twinkie experiment.


John Lennon will always be my hero songwriter/musician. Yet, I'd sooner wipe my ass with 60 grit sandpaper than fawn over him... (well, if he was still alive anyway).


I was heartened to hear about some fella in the UK that thought celebrity and fame was "vacuous" when Kanye West "followed" him. Oh, I puked initially over the notion *that* was news: HERE! HERE! Kanye follows someone on Twitter! But then to hear this kid disparage the whole fame thing as inane, stupid and lacking in intelligence, was just priceless.


There's hope, but it's not coming from America. Do your best to insulate yourselves from our "vacuous" pop culture.

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So India is as full of it (pop culture) as the USA, how sad i would have thought the culture of India would have been much deeper than that. As for following the "movie stars like a pathetic puppy i agree... well except for maybe Jennifer Love Hewitt




just kidding, some famous people seem to be reasonably intelligent but many couldn't find their ass in the dark with both hands and a flashlight....


i'd like to move to France, great culture, great people and a great language....

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