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I have created a website for biologists/biochemists/molecular biologists etc, which is a directory of lots of useful scientific websites. Please have a look and see what you think:









Biomarks is a website designed to give the scientific community a portal for all the useful and popular scientific web pages. This website is unfortunately not inclusive of all websites and indeed Biomarks encourages the scientific community to use “missing link” and “broken link” icons at the top of the page to help provide a better and up to date resource.





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Possibly a usefull for in the lab. Online protocol protocol database and organizer

eLabProtocols is an online platform for scientists to search and find protocols used in life sciences research laboratories. Store your protocols in your eLabProtocols personal account, share protocols with the people in your lab, or publish protocols in our online database to share them with the whole scientific community. Use the protocol editor to create 'smart' or 'dynamic protocols' to adjust your protocol for each experiment in a few mouse-clicks.


Check http://www.elabprotocols.com for more info or follow @eLabJournal on Twitter


Feel free to join!

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