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conservation of energy through a high-velocity entity

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What happens to the radiation that passes through an objectmoving near light-speed through space? As we all know, the faster something is moving through space the slowerit is moving through time. If an object is moving at nearlight-speed, would the radiation enter the “ship”, pass through time slower asit is traveling through the “ship”, and thus re-emerge out of the other sideand continue passing through time at its previous rate? If so, wouldn’t it re-emerge broken offfrom its original path, meaning it is possible to “bend” and manipulatelight?




Lets say a laser is shined at said object (and the object istransparent). The laser beam willenter the object at its original velocity, and right as it passes into theobject it will travel through time at the rate of the object. Thus, theoretically, couldn’t it appearfrom the outside as though the beam had already completely entered the object(after it is turned off), even though it may not be fully re-emerged in adifferent rate of time on the “other side” of the point of interaction? If so, what happens to the energy inthe mean time?



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Per Einstein's light postulate, electromagnetic radiation (light) always travels at the same speed c (about 670 million miles an hour) through space, independent of the speed of the source of that radiation or the speed of the observer. So it does not matter how fast you or the "ship" or anything else is traveling relative to each other, all observers will still measure the radiation's speed as c. (We assume a vacuum and uniform motion here).

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