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Complement sequences in NCBI?


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Well things are going well with my project and I think I'm getting the hang of NCBI. However there is one little concern which is still niggling at me.


Firstly I should explain that I am blasting genomic DNA from Nasonia vitripennis and Apis mellifera in order to find similarities between two gene sequences. However, when I look at the genomic DNA of one of the genes (NM_001013359) in the gene record it describes it as "complement", whilst the other sequence (NM_001161675) does not have the word "complement" next to the genomic DNA record. So here is my question - can I enter the FASTA sequences of these two stretches of genomic DNA into the "align 2 or more sequences" function of BLAST as is or must I translate one of them? (I'm not sure what "complement" menas but I was under the impression that it was on the negative strand and so it stands to reason that even though I am comparing 2 similar genes here they will be from opposite strands and so therefore BLAST may not find any similarities!) Screenshot attached.


Any help would be most appreciated. I hope this was clear! :)





NCBI issue screen.doc

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