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Focusing light


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I would like to know what happens to light as it focuses through a lens.

If the example of looking at a blue star through a telescope is taken.


Would it be correct to say all of the following?

The density of the photons increases

The frequency remains the same

The amplitude of the light increases


Thanks in advance for answering my questions




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The photons will be concentrated. What is "density of an individual photon" supposed to mean?

a photon is a particle no?

the individual particles remain the same.

just because there closer together, doesn't change the individual photons.

the overall density goes up but not the density of the individual photons.

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I think saying the density of photons increases is misleading or just incorrect. The intensity increases, which is possibly what you guys mean. In a particle model the energy of each photon stays the same, but the amount coming in increases. In a wave model, the amplitude increases (constructive interference) and the frequency stays the same. That's the way I see it.

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