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thinking and losing weight


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Would someone lose weight just by thinking? Synaptic connection need some energy right? And more energy to consume means more calories to burn. 


So how many hours a day should i spend on thinking to lose a pound in one week? :mellow:



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the brain sucks up just as much power under full mental load as it does under idle conditions. (well, there is some variation but it is negligble)


if you're willing to spend a few hours a day thinking, then why not spend a few hours a day walking and thinking, or gardening and thinking, or situps and thinking.


by all means think about something, but do something physical while you're thinking.


thinking heavily about something else will distract you from the idea that you're doing exercise and the rest of the world can see your flabby bits wobbling(if you have flabby bits that is(like me), not everyone who wants to lose weight does). at least until you are comfortable enough exercising to enjoy it.

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haha.. no, i just want to know how much energy will the brain consumes when we thinking. is it enough to make somebody losing weight by thinking hard for a few hours a day or not.


And where does the energy goes? I mean, i know they're using it for chemical reaction and some kind of electric charge during synapse process. But after that? are they changing back to ATP?



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You gain weight by consuming more usable energy than you use.

You lose weight by consuming less usable energy than you use.


So there are two ways to lose weight, consume less or use more.


So if you starve yourself (consume less usable energy), you can lose weight just sitting around thinking, though I doubt you'll be able to think about much besides how hungry you are.


The alternative is of course, exercise (using more energy), which, in addition to the weight loss, has other health benefits including increased muscular strength and stamina. (Hint: This is generally the healthy way to go).

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