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Properties of Gold Alloys

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Nitric acid isn't magical and able to penetrate solid materials, so you'll only remove what little is on the surface, building up an impenetrable layer of pure gold


Have a look at this. By diluting the gold with silver (which is susceptible to nitric acid), you can penetrate the entire solid and leave behind only gold and other metals that do not dissolve in nitric acid:

Plenty of reading material here: http://goldrefiningforum.com/

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...after all an ounce of silver can be worth as much as 350 dollars (or at least that what I have to pay for it)




$350? The current value of an ounce troy of pure .999 silver is $19.17 as of this morning! Where do you get your silver? I don't think you're buying if from the right place that's for sure!


Even United Nuclear (which is known for their expensive prices) sells 2.6 g of pure silver for $2.50... that's less than $30 an ounce!



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