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Time travel theory


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Time travel is impossible because if it was possible (since it is not now it would have to be possible in the future), then the future(when it is possible) would travel back to us to give us time travel. let me show you with lines


A= us

|= start of time

B = time travel possible

- = time




now if B is able to travel in time backwards then they could give us the technology

C = time travel given to us by B




So then the actual time line looks like this




Which then should result in the same thing where we decide to give time travel to our predecessors.


D= C on A




So our time would really look like this




any point before B does not have time travel, But it could if the people at "B" so desired to give the technology to us.


Basically my point is, if time travel were possible we would have it


| = Beginning of time

b = possibility of B to give us time travel

B = able to travel in time


|bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb(until B ) then BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

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did u read the link?


If the guy who would travel pack in time to give us timetravel would try that.. he would create a alternate version - thus since we havent got timetravel our timeline has never been part of that yet - in fact we could be part of the chain of events where we always seem to get the side that wont get the timetraveler.

It may have happened 5 min ago, but the timeline split and the one where we know it didnt happen got the original line, not the branch.

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he meant that if time travel exists, why dont we know about it already or so (since anyone from the future could travel back to our time) - Thats what the whole theory in the link helps to avoid - including any of the Grandfather paradoxes etc.



There is no solid proof or anything about the fact that you can only travel to the point where ya first used the timemachine - its just another theory not a granted fact.


Problem with theoretical ideas is that everyone seems to only take the ideas that have been widely released/ in news and only by the most known scientists by granted - they said so and no other way is possible!!!


The whole idea is actually a completely different approach.

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Even if we were to go by your idea, you would still have to objectify that our "time" is the original reality.


What if by going by your time we are merely the offshoot of the original coming to us?



A = a point in time.

B = a point in time where time travel is possible.

C = a Time travelers travel to a period of time thus creating a parallel universe.




Original time: |-----------------------------A----------------------------B------------




Us : |-----------------------------A--------------C------------B-------------

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its is original for the the timetraveler - yes it could be and offspring or even a branch of thousandsof other branches.

But the point where the traveler starts to travel and the time he remembers is the "original" for him.


Original time most likely is the very beginning if there even was a such a fixed point.


These "offsprings" aint really bad - they are different and simply contain some some of the line they were created from.


You cant say that we are any worse since we are overall a outcome of our ancestors (eg the originals in that case).


Time travel rules .. lol - just a compilation of theories - u can never take any "rule" granted and completely solid. There is always a possibility that things are different. The research into subatomic particles etc might end up changing the fundamental laws of physics - what would the 110% sure scientists say then?

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it is not a fact, just like every single other theory - nether of those is correct or wrong - and we will never really know, except the person who actually travels - ha cant return to the same time to confirm anything. Altho we can hope for someone from other timeline to visit us while we can hope to become a part of the new branch with him in it.

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This is a bit of an offshoot for the thread, but since we are discussing time travel and wormholes and black holes are apart of the time travel theoretics maybe you will find this interesting. Has anyone seen the documentary recently released for the "black hole" on Earth? The theory that the Burmuda Triangle directly links to the Dragons Triangle on the exact opposite of the globe. Both of these triangles correspond over two of the deepest points in our oceans. The Bermuda Triangle over the Puerto Rico Trench and the Dragon's Triangle over the Mariana Trench. Most people have heard of the Bermuda Triangle being randomly responsible for strange weather occurances and repeat plane and ship disappearances, which is a common trait shared with the Dragon's Triangle. So there is a theory, while maybe not too advertized, that these two trenches under the area of the triangles might be an actual link to a black hole and that the reason that people do not constantly face ships and plane disappearances is because the black hole is dependent on continental plate collisions.

In regard to time travel and the use of black holes in that theory, there are theories that further delve into black holes connecting to white holes. Where black holes compress matter and possibly pushes all matter within itself into a singularity, the opposite is true of white wholes, which express matter and energy as opposed to destroying it. Many scientist theorize that wormholes are not necessarily existent, but what they actually might be is a black hole connected to a white hole. Matter taking in on one side, compressing then decompressing out the other side. There have been documented occurances on earth, specifically in the Bermuda Triangle, of planes from wars decades ago showing up in an area previously explored and showing no items reportable. There are those that theorize that the black hole on earth is actual a possible example of the black hole/white hole theory and may explain why ships and planes disappearing on one side, randomly shows up on the other.


Just thought it would be an interesting off shoot.


Ultimately, at the very best, trying to harness a black hole/white hole "wormhole" would be unstable. There would be no way of knowing when you would pop out, or if only certain types of matter could be preserved in it's original state. Afterall, the documented occurances of planes showing up decades later do not include the pilots in the same preserved conditions.

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There have been documented occurances on earth, specifically in the Bermuda Triangle, of planes from wars decades ago showing up in an area previously explored and showing no items reportable.

Can you point to one of these documented instances?

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Can you point to one of these documented instances?


I have to apologize, school has been a little distracting and I am not online as much as I normally am. I cannot recall the books I am thinking of, and they would be at the liberty of the authors opinions anyway. Here are some websites though.










Also, I cannot recall the documentation available on the specifics but I recall reading about the disappearance and reappearance of both the Rubicon and the Mary Celeste. Hope that gives you a start, I will try and find more substantial examples to provide the clarification for my burden of proof.




- Mae

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Thank you for attempting to provide some docs to back up the claims. However not one of those sites mentions planes from wars decades ago showing up again.


Although one of them does quite rightly mention that the Mary Celeste had nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle, which is encouraging.

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yes it is an interesting topic to know more about the weird things.. may the future scientists invent the time machine for us..eyebrow.gif .. I also read about this in the following link.. It may be helpful for u friends.. http://thesecretsofscience.com/space-science/time-travel/

The link is a somewhat vague and nonsensical piece of writing.


Oh, sorry, you wrote it, didn't you. So your post is just a little piece of self-promotion.

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