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Dispose of Black Powder

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well, it's carbon and sulfur. up to you really. i suppose you could make a grignard reagent out of the carbon and add that to an acid and get saturated hydrocarbons for fuel. hey, if you want fun, oxidize the sulfur and try to make sulfuric anhydride gas. it's up to you. theyre not dangerous so just throw them somewhere. as for the nitrate, try a garden.

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make a line of it, a pencil width. then set fire to one end of it :)


it`ll just burn away like a long fuse, and never be a problem again, LOL even TNT and Dynamite is destroyed by burning it, your simple B.P will be no problem and WILL NOT EXPLODE if it isn`t confined in a strong cantainer, feel free to to just burn it :)

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