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Preventing Volcanic Eruptions


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People thought it was impossible for a man to travel to the moon...nothing is impossible for science


No, that's not actually true. A perpetual motion/over-unity machine is impossible, for example.


With a lot of time and you can drill enough holes, every problem has a solution. People thought that it was nearly impossible to make a fusion reactor that can withstand the extreme heat and pressure that are needed to sustain a nuclear fusion reaction but now with a lot of research time and funding we are only a few years away from testing the first ever Fusion Reactor that will be used for power generation. Impossible but possible dream.



The problem with this claim is that we've been just a few years away from sustainable fusion for the last 50 years. Until it has happened, you have to be careful about what you claim. Nearly impossible means hard. That's not the same as impossible, i.e. without the qualifier.

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If anyone still reads this post, I think you'll find this interesting:


"Volcanic Shield can Protect from Eruptions and Generate Electricity"



This bizarre idea is to enclose the volcano in a vast structure. This would require something several miles in diameter and in excess of 6,000' in height. It would also have to be capable of withstanding ash ejections that, unimpeded, could rise to 60,000' plus and not be dismayed by a lateral nuee ardente with the energy of 24 megatons.


Technically I view this as simultaneously imaginative and downright silly.

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