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A Theory Of Co-existence.


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A Theory Of Co-existence




I have come to the conclusion humans were created to co-exist with the Universe, in which case the Universe was made for us, for without us it serves no purpose.



Before the humans & animals came to be, you had the Universe. Space, stars, planets etc. We can be certain that the microscopic particles and atoms do not have the intelligence to comprehend their existence, correct?


The humans, & a majority of animal species have what is called an eye. Light is reflected off matter, passed through the eye and converted by our brains into what we see (the visiual). We can see planets & stars, they can’t see themselves. Meaning their magnificence & beauty is blinded to themselves, but visible to creatures with eyes. So basically everything has purpose, so what purpose does a star or planet serve if it cannot be felt? appreciated? colonized? let alone seen?


Only we can do that.


Unless you believe in aliens.


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There are a few suppressed steps in your inference which need to be developed; otherwise your proof remains unconvincing. Why, for example, assume that anything in the universe, whether human or not, was created (or simply passively developed as the side-effect of physical forces) for any purpose at all? Perhaps neither humans nor the non-sentient universe have any purpose, but just simply are, so there is no need to explain how the purported purposive value of the universe can only be realized by sentient humans perceiving it.


Your argument does provide a useful basis for attacking the whole neo-pagan reasoning so popular today, which posits that animals and the planet/environment have 'rights' and 'interests' which humans 'have to respect.' Since rights and duties always entail each other, so that no being could possibly hold any rights if it did not also have duties (Hohfeld), the planet and the environment could not possibly have any rights against us, since they lack the sentience or moral capacity to acknowledge or observe any duties with respect to us. Thus in terms of moral rights and duties they can exist only for us, and we can owe them nothing, on analogy with your thesis.

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