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Hurricane Francis


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I totally agree Dave. I've never born witness to a natural 'disaster' but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing mother natures power at her rawest, so long as no one had to suffer as a result(which would be highly unlikely unfortunately). I've been thinking of planning a trip to Hawaii as i reckon catching the lava flows in action would be awesome, although seeing a hurricane from space would be the ultimate (might be a but pricy though :))

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Here is one of the best sources of information on hurricanes I have found:




There are several sections - climatology, mechanics, and a case study of Andrew.


With regard to your question about the wind - the speed of rotation has to be considered in conjunction with the speed of forward movement - in the northern hemisphere, the right front quadrant is the most dangerous.


With respect to storm surge - as the hurricane reaches shallow water, the waves encounter the bottom and begin to peak and break - so they get higher - similar to a tsunami - when it is at sea, it is barely noticable - the trouble comes when the bottom of the wave connects with the sea floor. The power of the waves picks up anything loose and carries it along - boats, piers, pilings and even houses become battering rams. The waves also wash away the sand from beneath structures, leaving them even more vulnerable.


Also, in a large hurricane with a clearly defined eye and a very low barometric pressure, the lower pressure actually allows the sea water to rise higher - as if it were being sucked up a straw.


The area where I live was hit by Isabel last year. I didn't suffer any property damage - either from storm surge or wind. The housing development next to me was severely damaged - several houses lost every tree - some on their roofs. Houses less than a quarter mile from me had 5 or 6 feet of water in them and had to be condemned. My property was high enough to be above the storm surge, and I didn't lose so much as a shingle or a branch. I was very lucky.

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Well, I'm from NC, and have family all throughout florida. Most are in the central area, Lake County near Ocala National Forest.


I've heard about lots of flooding, tree limbs through roofs, no power expected for weeks.


Myself, as you may or may not know, am a motorcylce rider. Unfortunately, the 2 wheeler is my only mode of transportation, and I work 45 miles from home. I've been dealing with some pretty high winds, flooded roads, and stupid drivers (including myself :). I had to cross a flooded road that was about 3 ft deep. Good fun, though the looks on the ppl in cars and trucks was priceless. "Look at that crazy SOB"


FLorida is a nice place, but it is to vulnerable IMO. I also think people need to quit building crap on the beach. Move about 10 miles inland, drive your ass to the beach, quit making the government pay to rebuild your resorts everytime a huricane wipes them out.


I mean, I love the beach, but why do we build houses and hotels and business right on the edge of the ocean? What sense is it?


Hopefully Ivan will bypass florida, you guys have had enough. Is this not the freakiest huricane seaons, like, i dunno, ever?

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