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how to record parts of games and put in sound

c dawg

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i havent seen the halo videos but i know what you mean. whilsts i have never used them personally, i think there are two ways of doing it...


(1) get a plug-in for the game which records game play, although this is not available for all games

(2) get some kind of recording software, which can record actions in other software, in this case, that other software would be your game.

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yes. Screen capture software. I used to make such videos for Quake, but it has been quite sometime.




should get ya started. Seems I always used Snag It.


That Snag It, or whichever program you use, will record just the images into a video format, probably AVI. From there, you will need video editing software, XP has some kinda movie creator that would probably work. You can add audio tracks like mp3's to the AVI.


This is how they do DBZ music videos, FPS videos, and pretty much anything else where the original sound is not present, but a song or other effects are.

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Yeah that would be awesome. I guess I knew it was screen capture utilities that did it. I just need some hepl on putting it together. When you say sound you mean just songs for like backround music or could you talk with it as it went to show that the characters were talking? Also, this Snag It software, will it let you change cameras to wherever you want or are they stationary cameras where the game puts them?


Any help would be cool, watch some of the Red vs. Blue videos and you will know what cdawg and I are trying to accomplish.

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screen capture programs only do as the name implies. They capture what is on your screen. If I had one running right now as I typed this message, it would produce a video which would show each character, movement of the mouse, change of windows, etc.


As to recording the action in the game, most typically the videos I see done are from a spectators POV. In other words, you log onto a game server and spectate your friends playing, record their actions, etc.


You would need some kind of video editing software to add sound effects and what not. If you want to record the sounds of the game, you would probably need to setup the windows sound recorder and record it to a wav format. The video software will merge the sound and video files.

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