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the bible/ "shoo trolls"


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I'm trying to imply, with a hint of sarcasm and comedic grace, that your claim doesn't really make any sense. I'm not trying to stamp out your idea because it "doen't follow the rules of science" (even though it doesn't). I'm trying to politely explain that you are drawing arbitrary lines on a piece of paper and trying to make some grandiose connection to a historical religious text that itself does not stand up to scientific, philisophical or logical scrutiny.

Try making small managable speculations that are not so farfetched. If those speculations are even close to something that agrees with accepted mathematical and physical precedent, then people will be more willing to entertain your ideas. I worked in a research lab for a while where we did research on potential ruthenium based anti-cancer drugs. Some of our drugs showed real promise; but when we submitted the paper, we didn't make a broad, untestable, or radical claim. We just claimed that our compound had showed efficacy in slowing the growth of liver tumors in rats. Every claim we made was quantified, thoroughly explained, and referenced to prior research that had been peer reviewed by colleagues equal to and superior to ouselves. This is the proper way ideas are advanced, slow and one tedious step at a time.

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we came from colours,

red blue green - yellow lines - yellow/brown pyramids, black and white cube.


lightning is yellow, trees are green and they turn yellow, then brown, - the original trunk is the 'growing' tree, so therefore would be the 'baby' not the full version. When the tree has leaves it is then a father/mother cause it's only job is to create seeds, and tend it's children, whether they be humans in the future or some other shit. The sky is blue, it turns black, but is white/light on one side at all times. Apples are red, they turn black, you can get green apples which turn black over time -> mould grows on all apples, which is blue; but a lighter version of blue, the only way to acheive this is through mixing blue with yellow, which is also a 'older' form of green.


if you combine fire with the leaves they turn black, then into nothing. If you combine cold with the leaves they turn white.


how can something 3D - be '3D' - without 'lines' to be possible?


We live in a white black and cube, and life is a bunch of equations, like floating radio waves, trillions of them, giving choice and the ability to create 'chaos'. Imagine everyone on a wavelength right now. We have the ability to make a good/evil choice, but also a evil choice for the greater good.


[Evil/Good] [Good]


Complete evil is far left, and complete good is far right, but as you can do a act of Evil for greater good, you can also make a evil/good choice.


So along your normal 'good' wavelength, you're making decisions to either Evil/Good, which disrupts the wavelengths flow, causing 'chaos' as to what will happen to your wavelength next. So right now the future could be predicted if people took note of the current happenings, and how they relate to the first steps, because that would be the 'turning' point.


the sting theory


the apple 'darwin


thats just a rant, if u read it 'lol'



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