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Beginning hypothesis


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I would like to hear other peoples hypothesis on pre big bang space, and the future of our universe, also if the universe is infinite or finite. Can't hurt to hear new theories!


Theories range from there was nothing before the 'big bang' and that our universe was born from another 'multi-verse'. Also you could imagine that the universe is caught in a cycle where it becomes the 'big crunch' as in the universe expands as it is now, then it turns into the 'big crunch' and compacts back onto itself.

Then the whole process starts again ie, another big bang.

This is an impossible question but quiet interesting to consider.

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I won't put any theory.

Just a simple remark.

"beginning" is an hypothesis by itself.

And a dangerous hypothesis because it goes against all observations.

If you rely strictly on observations, and on laws of physics, you must admit that Energy (and matter) cannot be created from nothing.


Ough, I already hear physics experts screaming.

Sorry I couldn't stand. Mea culpa.

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I cant believe that there was not a moment where things changed.... even with brane theories the question does not go away of where the branes come from, and the crunch theory implies also that there an expansion to have a crunch. Sometimes i feel like we are all trapped in a huge russian matryoshka doll....

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Something like that.


For some logical reason, most existing models are one-way style. They begin somewhere, they end somewhere (or they don't end at all), at the image of the number line, going from zero to infinity. Some models try to extend the situation by introducing a backward motion, from infinity to zero, and then again forward, at the image of a piston engine.

IMHO, the only logical model must be cyclical, not back and forth, but always in the same direction.

We need a circular model where the small matryoshka doll gets somehow bigger and swallows the first one. Something like the snake that eats its tail, the ouroboros.

You can begin to wonder, because I am not aware of the existence of such kind of model. There is work to be done.

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