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Ya gotta love the logic.

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Okay, I've been having a bit of phone trouble lately. No dial tone.


As the handset was old and rented from Telstra I went to the Telstra shop to get a replacement. Seems simple, doesn't it?


So I'm standing in the Telstra shop this morning with my phone in my hand and say "My phone doesn't work, I need a replacement". Simple request, one would think.


The charming young lady looks at me and replies "What you need to do is phone Telstra and we will give you a reference number, then you come in here and we will give you a new phone."


Still with my broken phone in hand I look at her and say "Phone them about my broken telephone?"




I looked at her and said "Do you not see the logical problem inherent in this advice?"


She looked blank. "Um, no."


However she was helpful. She suggested I go to the public phone outside the Telstra shop and call Telstra from there. That way I could get my reference number, walk back inside and she would give me a new phone.


My head was spinning and I thought I'd try my luck elsewhere.


So I went to the Telstra shop in the next shopping centre and said "My phone is broken and I need a replacement."


The very nice young lady said "Is that it?"




"Fine Sir, give me that one and here is your new telephone."


It's nice the problem is resolved, but I just loved the logic used in the first shop.

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I would imagine that the whole thing probably made more sense if you looked at it from another perspective. Maybe the second assistant was more senior and had the ability the process all of that herself, whereas the first one couldn't authorise the exchange herself.


What I really don't get, is why the first assistant didn't just let you use the shop's landline rather than suggesting that you pay out for a public phone.

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Never had the problem, but my daughter did. What a rat race. Actually took three days. But it reminds me of the guy going into a fast food restaurant and ordering a $1.49 salad. Giving the girl $2 bucks, he tells her to keep "two bits" as a tip, expecting at least a quarter back. After mulling the transaction over for a couple minutes, she begins to cry, having never made change like that before.

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