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World Cup 2010


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I am not sure what that referee was doing in a World Cup game, he did a poor good officiating the entire game. That being said I am now going to put my US jersey on and say: that joke of referee jobbed us not once, but twice. That yellow card on Findley was a completely bogus call, that challenge was by no means worthy of a yellow. As for that disallowed goal, I cannot describe what type of idiot he must have been to call whatever he called. I also like the fact that he can disallow a goal then not state what offense he saw, or his reasoning behind it.


I disagree slightly with the Wikipedia page at least Jim Joyce manned up went to the media and said I ****ed up, I am sorry. None of this not explaining the call BS, and this is coming form a Detroit Tigers fan.

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To end the day,


England 0 -0 Algeria


This game here, imho has to be called the most boring game in the history of Football World cups. None of the teams did anything that can resemble an attack, even for the director in charge of choosing the highlight scenes of the game had a big struggle of what to show to the billions of TV watchers from all around the world about this game, cause there wasn`t any scene in the whole game with at least a little danger for the goal keepers. It would have been better for the english team to put their goal keeper from the last game as a forward this time, maybe at least we would have seen this guy trying to make it up in return for his little past "error".


These English seem to have forgot how to play the game they invented.


:D:P (I`m missing the sleeping smiley here, at least these two have their eyes closed)

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¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA CHILE !!!!!:cool:


Chile 1 - 0 Switzerland


For the first time in Football history, since 1930, Chile remains unbeaten by second match day in a World cup, together being at the top of the group alone in its group, with 2 victories.

I can`t say that I didn`t suffer through out the whole game ( I must have had 5 heart attacks through the game), since the Swiss played a very tight and great game too.:P


As for South American countries, no looses have been achieved.



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