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Will I need series and sequences for Calc 3?

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So, I basically blew off the last couple weeks of calc 2 because they dropped the lowest test grade so I could skip the final test. Thus, I missed the last half of infinite series. Will I need to teach it to myself for Calc 3 over the summer?


"Geometry and vectors of n-dimensional space; Green's theorem, Gauss theorem, Stokes theorem; multidimensional differentiation and integration; application to 2- and 3-D space."


There is the course description.

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You could probably get away without knowing series. None of the things you mention use them directly although the proofs of the boundary theorems require really getting how limits work - integration is essentially riemann sums which are basically infinite series.


I think it would be worth flicking through the notes at least, you shouldn't need to know every little test for convergence - but there's really no point in not knowing Taylor series.

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