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mitosis and meiosis


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hey all!!!!:D

i'm new here and am totally clueless about mitosis and meiosis...i'm beginner in genetics and so have no idea about the basic terms in this field:-(....

can someone plzz help me grasp this topic???:)


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Mitosis is basically this: the process in which a sell divides into two, creating two genetically identical cells via the processes of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telaphase and cytokineses.


Meiosis however, form gametes or sex cells (egg and sperm). Instead of having two identical cells, you have four genetically identical cells. Again, the phases are prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telaphase/ cytokineses. The only other difference between mitosis and meiosis is the fact that meiosis has additional steps. Prophase II, Metaphase II, anaphase II, and telephase/ cytokineses II.


Hope that helps!!

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That is actually not correct. Read the links of Jimmydasaint. The result of meiosis are not genetically identical cells.


As already mentioned, it is important to note the differences in genetic material from body (somatic) cells and sex cells (gametes).

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It's actually the entire point of meiosis, to produce genetically diverse cells. They are all similar in that they have one set of genes each. If you had an entirely monozygotic cell, the results of meiosis would be identical (and this is the point of "hybrid" cultivars).

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Try breaking it down to a mnemonic.








These days, I've seen so many diagrams, drawings, things through microscopes, etc.. that I just know the basics of the process. It's burned into my memory. Even if I couldn't remember the terms, I'd know the basics of the process.


But try building yourself a ground and working up. I think understanding and memorizing the term "IPMAT" for cellular mitosis is a good starting ground.

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