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Plez help the IUPAC name of some polyyne compounds


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these are nonsensical compounds. You can't have a (C≡C) group 4 times. Carbon only bonds 4 times, and in the compound shown, many of the carbons would have 6 carbons. Perhaps it's supposed to be (-C≡C)4?

Thank you very much for your reply. your explanation is right. But These compounds were isolated by Dr. Bohlmann 1973. And the published paper by Wat et al. 1979. Ultraviolet-mediated cytotoxic activity of phenelheptatriyne from Bidens pilosa L. Journal of Natural Products, 42:103-111. narrated those compounds.

I know some name of these, eg: IVa is phenylheptatriyne (PHT), and IIb is 1-phenyl-1,-diyn-5-en-7-ol-acetate. I dont know the name of the rest of compounds.

You can find the attached the link to download the paper. Plez help



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i'm sorry, i don't know the naming systems well enough to help you. I could guess, but i suspect that it's all about priorities, and as such the hydroxy compounds might be named in a different order to the acetyl compounds. You could try using chemdraw... it can name compounds once you've drawn them

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