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Music: What gets you rockin?


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Whats up with the rap hate? lol. Im not the biggest fan, but some rap is great :) (then again, in debate, you should be able to understand and write down everything in a rap...ya get used to it :))

Im a fan of Twista, DMX (never seen a more angry person), Luda'!!!, and sometimes a little Rebel XD (just because he's absolutely insane)

Edit*- Lil Jon is also out of his flippin mind :cool:

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I actually don't like rap that much either. MC Hawking is just hilarious though!


Rammstein is a German singer. I don't think you can buy his stuff in the states but the band is my favorite. Rob Zombie, Three Days Grace, and some of Deftone's stuff.


Every once in a while I listen to "modern" calsical music. Like the stuff on Kingdom Hearts or Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Favorite Piece of music from each?


linkin park and jay-z 'encore' or 'numb' is pretty good,


also metallica - 'fade to back' & 'whiskey in the jar' is good,


you know 'the planets'? or whatever it is called, the classical one with a peice of music for each of the planets, 'jupiter' one is wicked!


umm, i dunno, there's no one artist i like, linkin park, only like some of their songs, same with metallica... really i go through phases! i used to like linkin park, then went off, now back onto, im very variable with music.

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yeah, its like we (my class) and my IT (computers!) teacher were talking about rock concerts, he was telling us about these concerts he's going to, they are all old rock groups that not many of us had heard of!


but i do totaly agree, the number of new songs out is a bit too big to keep up with... but hey, what's wrong with a good old song?

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Speaking of new stuff coming out.

I am in a Music Technology class in high school. We make music. It's mostly electronica type music. And we have an internet radio station that hosts our own music, as well as some music from various independant artists who we chose because we like their music.


and i've been instructed by my teacher to spam people to get more listeners, so here you go :)


If you like electronic music, check out www.live365.com/stations/mtproductions! This internet radio station contains music from the students of the Music Technology class at Sir Francis Drake Highschool, along with plenty of songs from independant artists. Do you know what that means? Most of the music you hear will be something you've never heard before!


This week's DJ is Oscar Steiner, "I play the guitar myself. I'm into lots of different music, essentially Rock/Funk". You'll be listening to songs like Ghost, by Rave Spirit; Nullistic, by Urban System; Emotions, by DJ Trax; and Desert Walker, by FrostRAVEN. also with songs by students such as Ressurection, by Brian Groza; Hugs, by Jeremiah Oaks; and 102804, by Tom Lopez. Just click here to quickstart the station and listen in! if you want to join our mailing list for future updates on the station, go to mtproductions@yahoogroups.com. The Music Tech Class is still making new music for the staion, so listen in!



hey, spam works.

listen in, it's cool!

this is the music that gets me rockin' :)

(*prays that he doesn't get banned for this >_>*)

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I went to the NME Awards Tour gig at the Birmingham Academy last week, and the Killers were pretty damn good. 'Somebody told me' and 'Mr. Brightside' were the best songs of the night, but IMHO the Killers were the worst band on the night. The other bands playing were Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, and the Futureheads, and they were all bloody fantastic. You can hear some of the gig by going to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/listen, and then clicking on the 'listen again' thing and going to the Lamacq live show for 24th January.


Or you can check out:




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