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OS trouble


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I am going to format my laptop fuly tomorrow, partition the hdd and put both xp home edition and mandrake 10 on it. I have my fingers crossed. Its absolutely critical to get my eth card working, its my access to net both at home and in college.


I think what i'll do is take my laptop to college and get some people to do it for me. Always easier to get issues sorted that way.


By the way now that i have had short experiences of both mandrake and fedora, i think mandrake is better.

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If you use XMMS for your media player, you can download a patch to allow you to play mp3's. RedHat, or Fedora Core Prodject didnt want to be directly involved with any lawsuits over mp3 software. I use RH 9 on my 80 gig swap drive. I have issues though, linux for some reason doesnt like ATI video cards, so after trying manythings I have given up for now on gaming on linux till I get the 3D acceleration to work. But if you have GeForce, you are good to go. Unreal comes with a linux installer, and transgaming is always finding ways to port windows supported games over. BF1942, Neverwinter Nights, and many other games are linux enabled thru them.

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