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Chemical Exposure


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Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm student chemist (only 21), and last week I got exposed to alot of methyl iodide when I spilt some dissolved in DCM onto my hand, although I was wearing nitrile gloves I think the chemical passed straight through, I had some skin irritation the next day. Now, after reading up so much about MeI, I'm paranoid that I'll get cancer. Am I being reasonable in worrying about getting cancer because of this exposure?


I seen a doctor, he says it's unlikely, but isn't it also extremely unlikely that someone would have this sort of accident?


Many, many thanks,




By the way, it was about 15 mL I split on my gloves (which stayed on my hands for like 6 -7 seconds), the 15 mL was mostly DCM, but about 1 mL was pure MeI

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You should be fine. Looking at the safety data sheet it didn't look like you've got anywhere near a toxic dose. Note it says MAY cause cancer - so it's not certain. Seeing as it wasn't on your hands very long, and you're not going to have repeated skin exposure to it, I would say it's VERY unlikely.


Generally with carcinogens, you're at risk if it's prolonged/repeated exposure.

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