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Linear congruential generator


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Hi, if I have a sequence of 1000 random numbers generated by a linear congruential generator of the form:


Xn+1=Xn*a+c mod 32


And i know that the 1000 numbers are extracted from the bits 30-16 (15 bits) of the numbers generated with the formula above. (i.e, they range from 0 to 32767).


How can i predict the 10 next numbers, i.e, how can i calculate the a, c and seed(Xo) values?


I know that it is possible, but i don't have access to the next paper, which i think could be very useful:





Thanks a lot for your help

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You can actually do this naïvely with brute force. there are 32 choices for a and 32 choices for c, so you only have 934 possibilities. So take any two numbers next two each other in the sequence and use it as a check for all the possible values of a and c. Store the ones that work for this pair, and then try these out on another pair in the sequence. Do it until needed. This should be O(n).

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Are you sure your formula is correct? It would seem to me that the numbers generated by this would be from 0 to 31.

Mr. Skeptic brings up a good point... Mary, are your 1000 numbers an ordered sequence?

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