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The ethics of gender inequality

Cap'n Refsmmat

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I refuse to acknowledge that any man is even close to being my equal. ;):lol:


Ok, all jokes aside, I believe that the problem of inequality between the sexes has gone from one extreme to the other since the rise of Femanziism.


Feminism started out with the suffragettes (the original feminists) who simply wanted the right for women to vote, to have a say in how our governments are selected. This in itself is a good thing. As citizens, we should take responsibility for our leaders, by electing those we feel will do the best job of governing us. From there, the goal of feminism became equal rights for all people, no matter what race/creed/gender/physical abilities a person was. Again, a worthy goal. We should all be considered equally.


Then came femnaziism. The feminist creed became "all men are evil and have held the reigns of power for way too long, therefore we must take everything away from them to pay them back for their mistreatment of us until they have suffered as much as they have made us suffered. They must know their evil for as long as we have suffered from it and then repent of them before we can ever be equal". From this came affirmative action, where a job went to the female applicant over the male, and extreme political correctness began to grow. Now, we have middle of the line white heterosexual men being discriminated against and they aren't allowed to claim discrimination.


We cannot call a spade by the name spade, we now have to call it a handled digging implement. I am no longer an Asthmatic, but a person who suffers from Asthma.


This was never the goal of Feminism when it started and the few of us who speak out against the feminazis are often branded a traitor to the feminist cause. I myself narrowly managed to avoid being assaulted after turning down the offer to attend a rally to celebrate the first international womens day stating that I would not celebrate it until there was an international mens day as well. I'm thankful that I was standing outside a police station at the time. As it was, the woman who issued the invitation spat on the ground in front of me and told me that every day was international mens day and then called me a traitor to women everywhere as she stalked off to her rally.


I do not regret making my choice not to join the femnazis, but to stay a feminist. I still believe that we are all equal, yet different and deserve to be treated as equals.


The pendulum has swung from one extreme to another, hopefully in time we will evolve enough as human beings for the pendulum to stop swinging and sit in the middle where we acknowledge our right to be different and not judged for the difference. In that perfect world, the best applicant for a job would get it, no matter the gender/age/race/etc.


Thankyou for listening.

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