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My theory on time


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How exactly do you propose time works in equations because it's constant then? That's what you said before.


I don't see how this is a dichotomy when it's yet to be established that time is a constant.


refer to: Saniga’s algebraic geometrical model (http://www.chronos.msu.ru/EREPORTS/saniga_psychopathology.htm)

Apart from this noteworthy “past-present-future” pattern, mimicking everyone's common sense of time, our model gives rise to other two prominent, in a sense dual to each other, structures.


These correspond to the cases where the reference point coincides with a base point,




falls on a composite conic.


In the former case, clearly, all the proper conics are on-conics, whereas in the latter case the pattern is lacking any such conic, being endowed with ex- and in-conics only.


Hence, the corresponding time dimension, in the former case, consists

solely of the present moments (the “present-only” mode), whilst,

in the latter case, it comprises only the past and future, being devoid of the moment of the present (the “no-present” mode).


Time is both constant and non-constant.

& could be classed as a presence-absence dichotomy

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No i'm saying there is only present. Time is a psychological illusion. Nikola, "Tesla's Dynamic Theory Of Gravity" would have explained this but it was classified by DoD.


---> Dynamic Theory Of Gravity






This theory is a logical extension of the rotating magnetic field model. According to the Swami Vivekananda,


“the Vedantic Prana and Akasha and the Kalpas, which according to [Tesla was] the only theories modern science can entertain [... he] thinks he can demonstrate that mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy” (Grotz, 1997)


Tesla electromagnetics are composed of potentials and their corresponding motion. This potential’s motion causes in the surrounding medium an equivalent and opposite effect (determining the positive and negative character of the medium). Some elements of the theory may include:


* All ponderable bodies are constantly in motion in through space.

o Absence of a medium would result in no electromagnetic forces (the space-vacuum fabric is a medium, the aether (the ultimate medium))

o Ponderable bodies and other media filling space all possess a dielectric level.

o Motion through space produces the “illusion of time”.

o Mechanical effects are produced by electromagnetic forces acting through media (i.e., momentum and inertia is electromagnetic in nature; Energy is force over time)

o A media exposed to resonant vibrations of electromagnetic force interact.

* Electromagnetic energy fills all space (referred to as radiant energy).

o Electromagnetic force is a phenomenon produced through the medium in space (eg., the result of the medium acting upon ponderable matter).

o Modulating Wideband frequencies of electromagnetic phenomenon permeate through all media (akin to spread spectrums).

o Self-regenerative hetrodyning electromagnetic fields condense through the medium in space.

o Electromagnetic potentials arrange themselves in groups according to the medium’s polarization and the medium’s dielectric resistance.

o Electromagnetic fields interact and produce rotating fields.

o Electromagnetic entropy returns energy to potentials.

o Electromagnetic potentials of high frequency produce: [a] lower environmental interaction, uniform movement without rotation through space-time, and [c] electromagnetic saturation [i.e., plasmas]

o Stationary low frequency electromagnetics behave as waves.

* Medium’s electromagnetic fields creates attractive forces from negative polarity [or what is commonly referred to as "gravity"].


Tesla never referred to “space-time” directly, referring instead to the concept of the “primary substance”. He also never used this relativistic “twin” term. He considered time as a mere man-made “measure” of the rate at which events occur such as a distance travelled (in miles or kms) in a certain period of time, for a frame of reference. He considered the “curving” of space to be absurd (putting it in gentle terms) saying that if a moving body curved space the “equal and opposite” reaction of space on the body would “straighten space back out“.

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All righty, let's give this a try.


An object's velocity is equal to the derivative of its position with respect to time. Let v = velocity, x = position, and t = time.


or in equation form:


[math]\frac{dx}{dt} = v[/math]


To find an object's position at a certain time, you integrate the above:


[math]x = \int dx = \int v dt [/math]


time is a variable to integrate over.... if time were a constant, the above would be meaningless. I.e. plug in pi..


[math] \int v d\pi [/math] has no meaning. Any more than [math]\int v d2[/math] does.


But, if we treat time as a variable (not as a constant), then we get right answers.


I.e. if a ball is moving at +2 m/s, and at time t=0 was at x=0, where will the ball be at t=7 seconds?


[math] \int^7_0 v dt = 7*2 - 0*2 = 14 m [/math] and you get the right answer. As I wrote above, integrals treating t as a constant don't even have meaning.


How do you resolve this? How can mathematical equations "work" by treating time as a constant? Because I don't know how to make the above work with a constant. Hopefully you can resolve this for us.


If light is sent out from the origin of the big bang, how will you apply this?


Is that light not a timing device?


Please show the integral for the path.

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If light is sent out from the origin of the big bang, how will you apply this?


Is that light not a timing device?


Please show the integral for the path.


What does any of what I wrote have to do with the big bang? I was trying to use "time as a constant" per Double K and got stuck, and was hoping he'd explain it. All it is is physics 101, the time integral of velocity gives the position.

Merged post follows:

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and thus you have discovered the dilema with the equation.

(or perhaps dichotomy is more apt)


I don't see any dilemma with using time as a variable to integrate over. Integrating velocity with time has been supremely successful at predicting position as a function of time. Taking the derivative of position with respect to time has been supremely successful at predicting velocity. Every prediction of things moving (at a speed significantly slower than the speed of light) is based on these equations that treat time as a variable. If they didn't work, we wouldn't be able to predict solar and lunar eclipses, how to put satellites into orbit, even how far a golfer hits a golf ball. And since these are all things we can do, I don't see any dilemma at all.

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That is not the case.


The only thing we can observe is the past. We cannot observe the present.


I don't think you know what I mean 'exactly' and I would not expect you to.


I guess what i'm trying to say is that there is not 'time' at all. :) That time is purely a psychological misinterpretation of objects moving through our electromagnetic universe. For some of you that might be considered speculation, and there I digress.

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Time is a man made measuring tool to record data, time is an "idea" rather than an actual place. just a tow line per say, a path to be guided until somthing ends and starts. And a tool to refrence. Instead of saying remember that thing that happend that one thing. Revised ---remember that one TIME you did that weird thing at the time. just a refrence point. But on the contrary if time really is a fabric than the fabric can be bent to alter "reality" i suppose....

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Time is a man made measuring tool to record data ...


I'm not so sure this is true. Because the way you talk about it seems more like "seconds" or "hours" or "years" or "millennium" are the man-made tools. Kind of like "meter" and "foot" and "furlong" and "light-year" are the tools to measure distance with. But, man didn't make up distance itself. Things have distance and/or are distance apart. Two thing either are in the same place or they aren't, and distance is the measurement of how much two things aren't in the same place. Similarly, events last for a certain amount of time or occur a certain time apart from one another. That isn't "man-made"; it just is. There is a difference between simultaneous and not-simultaneous and time is the measurement of how non-simultaneous things are.

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Time and Space have no Beginning and no End.

They are boundless and continue infinitely.


If someone says there was a beginning to Time, ask them what was going on ten minutes before Time began?


If someone says there is a moment when Time will end, I will say I'm going to be ten minutes late for the ending ceremonies.


Time can not be bent, curved altered or dilated. Time travel is impossible and will never happen. Nothing can go forward or backwards in time. Only in the human imagination are such things thought possible. Not in the real physical world. Time is a constant continuum of itself. Time is merely a concept. There was never a time before time. Some people believe time is a dimension that exist. I don't believe that is true.


If you believe that time is more than a concept, I'll ask you to go get a bucket full of time and bring it to me. Can you put your finger on time? All you can do is imagine time is going by. Time goes by only because we believe it does. Man conceived the idea of time as a means of measuring how long things take. Go ask a cow what time it is. You will find that the cow knows nothing about time, and doesn't care.


I think I'll put some time aside today that I can use tomorrow.



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If you believe that time is more than a concept, I'll ask you to go get a bucket full of time and bring it to me.


This is ridiculous. Do you not believe in distance either? Are we in the same place? If not, go get me a bucket of distance and bring it to me.


In short, you don't measure time in units of volume, any more than you measure units of length with a bucket. A bucket measures volumes.

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Let us assume for the moment that time is a human construct.... This also means that space (length, distance whatever you want to call it) is a human construct. Therefore if I hold a knife and stab the air I am infact stabbing everything else because without time and space everything must be in the same place at the same time... can I be arrested for waving a knife around in my empty room?


Units like seconds, or meters are clearly human constructs our way of measuring these things that separate other things. And we name these seperations if they are a distance apart we use length if they are separated by change we use time. Does applying names and measuring something mean that what has been measured is a human construct? If it does then everything is a human construct, but in science that doesn't actually matter, we are trying to make models and be able to make accurate predictions about the universe, which is all a human construct by the previous argument, so it'll all still work if it is or isn't a human construct or not...

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This is ridiculous. Do you not believe in distance either? Are we in the same place? If not, go get me a bucket of distance and bring it to me.


In short, you don't measure time in units of volume, any more than you measure units of length with a bucket. A bucket measures volumes.


It's called sarcasm.

You missed the point entirely. You made my point again for me. Time is a simple concept only. There is a universal clock that can't go faster or slower. You can break it up into any size increments you like. We use 24 hrs because of obvious reasons. It can't be measured any other way. Time has absolutely NO Connection to space.


The more I have learned about Einstein.. The more I’m convinced he was an IDIOT.


With a wild imagination… like Hawking.. Kaku… many others.



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Just as Gravity has No connection or effect on light, Time has No connection or effect on space.


I can’t help but think some of you dudes are CLUELESS.. You can thank Einstein for that.

He infected a lot of people with his delusions. Hawking is his own separate form of INSANITY on Display.


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My theory, exteme reductionism,

I think time is very physical and real. The universe is a sea of time and every movement therein, is time travel. Before the super spec of singularity there existed only an endless sea of infinite possibilities. There was nothing more than the future, a static realm of silence and motionless awaiting. The advent of time and a time line changed all of this. Infinite possibilities was and is transformed into fibers of statistical probabilities. These things are very real and have physical properties that are transferred into the momentums that string all things together.

The present time is the only thing that is "real". Touch the table and let go. The touching only exists as a gohst like memory. Now imagine touching the table. Again just a gohst of the probable and possible future. If you say, "I'll never touch the table", I'll say you rember things that never happened. Only the present instant of time is real.

We look out into the distance and see the past. Consider the distance occupied by mass. It is real, but only from instant to instant as the future comes bubbling up from the quantum energies that are traveling the momentum strings left behind. These waves become particles and define another instant, of time.

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