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a little help needed!

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Hey everyone,


I am a little stuck with some bit of thermodynamics. Basically, I am doing some questions and the first was what expression is equivalent to the partial derivative [math] (dV/dT)p [/math]. I took the cross-derivative of the equation for free gibs energy ([math] dG =VdP -SdT[/math]) and got [math] -(dS/dP)T [/math]. Now this is where I am stuck. the next question says to work out an expression for deltaS as a function of pressure using the expression that I just found. I dont know what [math] -(dS/dP)T [/math] is equal to, so my question is that can I intergrate a partial derivate on it own between two limits for pressure to get deltaS? I think not; I think that I must first find what it equals(eg. equals to Volume, enthalphy etc),separate variables and then perform intergration.


Any advise will be great and will be much appreciated.

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