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A Green House

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Could you model a house as to generate its own electricity via algae biodiesel and solar power?


I thought if you could make an efficient system that could produce up to 500 gallons a month you could power not only a vehicle but a majority of home electricity use for a small group of people, possibly even just a dyad.


I would think you could work this in with a couple of pet animals, possibly chickens or what not for example. You could process it along with algal specie selection so that the algae could also be feed, and the animal manure could be feed along with CO2 scrubbed from a generator, or possibly just piped in indirectly.


I know you cant make modification to vehicles in any fashion you would like, but a system to scrub carbon from diesel combustion for a 24 hour period could also be nice for a CO2 source.


I was thinking if you could model some system like that you could then produce one that works within American economic system. I think the key would just be making the system user friendly and automated to some extent.

I also think it would help if the system could be diversified to be able to use all waste materials possibly from any given kind of a home with related products to facilitate such.


If a generator only had to be fueled two times a day it would also be much more user friendly. That along with a constant solar system should be able to take up a bulk of electricity used by a home. Plus the house could still be on the grid, which could possibly mean earnings for a house. Overall it would be a massive retooling of American infrastructure, but electricity generation is a huge source of CO2 production itself from hydrocarbons primarily.

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