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inflatable boat drafting help

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Hi all, I'm looking for help with drawing some paper plans for an inflatable boat.


the problem i have is working out the curves for a tube mitre joint, that can be drawn on a 2d pattern that relates to its 3d shape- is there an easy mathematical formula for drafting this?


I'm really bad at explaining things so have taken a couple of pics....



the cut in this pic below is an s shape, doesn't show up well.



when in 3d the cut is a perfect straight line.



the only method i can think of is to use a 3d template (piece of pipe) cut to the required angle and mark out the fabric in its inflated state.





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Yes, there is an easy mathematical equation. Here are 3 hints!


1. First, though your shape is 3D, the template to create the 3D shape is still only a 2D template.


2. Think more in terms of geometry.


3. Also, try and think about using sine or cosine functions to determine the 2D template’s shape.

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