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Phospholipid and Cell Membrane Questions: Help Needed!!!


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Hey I had a few questions about phospholipids and other things related to them in the cell membrane... I am trying to self teach Biology due to illness and I have a packet of w/s to do but the answers are not to be found in the book and my teacher won't give me the oral or written notes in class, and i was wondering if someone could answer them or send me in the right direction. I have checked several websites but to no avail.


Here are me questions...


Besides phospholipids, what is another type of lipid(s) in the cell membrane?


Proteins called ________ proteins go all the way through the bi-layer while _______ proteins are only on one side.


Integral proteins are also called what?


Besides carbohydrates, large molecules called _________ use proteins to help move across cell membranes.


Some of the membrane proteins have carbohydrate _________ attached to help cells in recognizing each other and certain molecules.



Thank you to anyone who can help me, I'm sorry if these questions are obvious to some, but like I said, I am trying to teach myself with the help of am at-home mom and a Geometry teacher who knows nothing about this stuff... Thanks again :)

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