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Possibly a crazy hybrid rocket design


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I want to make a rocket for an up coming art festival which some of you may know as burning man, each year the festival has a them and this year is metropolis. What I am planning to do is make a relatively large statue of lady liberty and have it be launched in the sky one night.


I have looked up different designs and want to make it with a hybrid motor but because of the models large shape and possibly having to add counter weights because of its odd shape I need the lowest weight to thrust possible. Upon doing some research I am thinking N2O as the oxidizer and possibly paraffin wax with some reactive metals as the fuel grain. I would be willing to work with some harsher oxidizers hno3 if the specific impulse (i believe this is the value im looking for) is increased as im really a chem person not really physics.


Also I would need to figure out how to get the shape to fly semi straight. I am not looking for great numbers but need it to at least put on a good show, at least several hundred feet would be nice. I expect the body to be about 8-10 ft tall made possibly by thin plastic. I do not know how to get a recovery system to work on hybrid engines but getting the rocket back in one piece is not as much of a concern as slowing it down from killing innocent bystanders.


Any input would be great on how to get this monstrosity to work.

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Do you have a license to use the type of engine you are planning?

Here in the USA you need a license, a permit for the launch and inspection of the rocket and engine.

Only A, B and C solid propellent engines can be used without a permit and license.

Any of the higher impules engines need at least a launch permit and to use a re-fuelable motor or make your own you need to be licensed or you can go to jail for making /using explosives as defined by the BATF.

Part of the inspection is a recovery system so you are going to have to deal with that in some way.

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