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Let's experiment with drugs and alcohol (legal drinking age only, please)

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Alright, so I've been experimenting with melatonin and alcohol. I've recently decided to do something interesting. I decided to mix the two.


What I did was I bought a generic brand of melatonin tablets from a health food store:



Melatonin 1

Dietary Supplement

1 mg per tablet

About 5 tablets consumed before rest.


Now, some people say that melatonin has a time-release pattern.

Do you know what else does?



I've combined this with alcohol:

Jim Bean (generic 750 mL bottle)

About 7 shots consumed before rest.


Matter of fact, that's one of the reasons alcohol sucks when attempting to use it as a sleep-aid. It acts as a form of time-release coffee.


As such, I got smart and tried to do something in the past two weeks.

I decided to mix melatonin tablets and alcohol.



Actually, I've had some interesting results.


The combined effects seems to quickly put me to sleep.

I haven't woken up in the middle of the night, as I do if only drinking alcohol.

And it would appear that the melatonin is acting as a suppressor: It's preventing the alcohol from screwing with a REM cycle.


I will admit that I feel a little fuzzy after waking up. Kind of like I'm having a hangover. Nonetheless, it would appear that I'm not really tired.


As such, I'm here asking others if they would be interested in trying out this experiment. I think I've come across something, and other people would need to try it.


I would suggest perhaps drinking an a day, such as Saturday. Or the night before a non-work day. I'm curious as to whether or not some people will experience these effects.


One necessary part of this experiment is that you're of legal drinking age.

Another is that you have experienced the middle-of-the-night awakening that alcohol can induce.


If you know that alcohol is extremely toxic to your health or another's health (maybe you're pregnant or have a heart of the bacteria in your gut), then I suggest not doing the experiment.

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Well here's another: down a coffee immediately before going to sleep. The coffee takes a while to kick in, and you probably want to fall asleep before that. I've done this a few times when I know I'm going to get little sleep and want to be alert when I wake up.

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So what is our control going to be?

I weigh just under 8 stone and I assume that I wont be feeling fantastic after 8 shots of high proof alcohol.

Am I supposed to just take the scientific term of "less alcohol" to compensate for my Blood Alcohol Level?

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