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Accounting practice problems or material?


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Hello, I am a tutor and one of my prospective students needs help in several subjects one of them being high school accounting. I never took the class but I do have a stong background in math. I did not know if high school accounting went over more math or buissness definitions. If some on could be so kind to give me a syllabus of what subjects would be covered and possibly some practice problems/homework it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Teach and learn basic accounting principles, bookkeeping skills, and methods.


Accounting provides information about the financial position of a business or company. Accountants create financial records of business transactions, and prepare statements containing the assets, liabilities, and operating results of a business. They maintain and audit these quantitative records, while preparing financial reports such as the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.


Here students will learn about the importance of accounting, and also the basic steps and techniques used. In addition, we also have included informative articles, helpful tips, and other topics related to accounting. [/Quote]




I generally have recommended the above to people, going into business, or some other such plan, but the 'outline' may be helpful to you, even if you don't use the study plan.

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