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yes its possible to hypnotise someone, although it does require them to be willing. if you don't want to be hypnotised then you won't be.


its just a way of putting someone in a relaxed trance-like state. there isn't really anything magical about it and there are a lot of myths about it.

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Unfortunately it's a field that's very hard to research. How can you tell what exactly is going on inside someone's head?


I've actually spent some time looking up papers in the field and they're rather sketchy -- you're often left looking at the conclusion thinking "but that could also be because of some other effect!" And they never investigate that alternate conclusion.


But on the plus side, there have been documented cases of people undergoing surgery with no anesthesia -- just hypnosis to make the person ignore the pain. (Usually it's someone already well experienced with hypnosis, not just some random dude off the street.)

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