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The Haiku Thread


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Mrs Emma Peel

My First Haiku too you know,

No need to rhyme? - Doh!


Super conducting

Polymers must be kept cool

If they are to work right.


How sad am I? Just

Found Haiku thread and love it

read whole lot of it...:D


Trying to work now

can't stop counting sylables

all the time now HELP!


Robot noise in Brain

Think I am going insane

want life back again!


ChemSiddiqui fat?

A Ramadhan a ding dong!

ChemSiddiqui thin.


Oh bloody hell fire

Double posts will be merged

Makes my post too long.

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When the new kittens

are loose, you can just forget

privacy at lunch.




Speechless at the store.

Did he say what the total was?

Oh, no he DIDN'T!!




McDonald's is gar

bage. Conveniently revolt

ing. It's just not right.

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When debating things

one must always remember

"And so is your face!"




Oh how I hate pine!

The rancid smell of deceit

fills me with dark rage.




Talking to God? Fine.

What, God is talking to you?

Here, medication.




Have a mint, have two!

A carbonated drink? No!

Oh, you exploded.




Getting addicted.

Rehabilitation time?

Damned little poems!

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(not like no more *anywhere*,

just here at my place).




Dartboards designed to

use indeterminacy

leave holes in your walls.




You made me so mad!

I'm calm now that the brick has

been heaved. Turn around!

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On the phone with my

lovable girlfriend, but all

I hear is babble.




The electron went

through both slits at the same time!

Thanks, wave properties.


When I ran head first

into the brick wall, it hurt.

I'm no electron. :(

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Badger mushroom snake!

Cats with poor grammar as well.

Internet memes, lol.




Hey, Captain Picard!

Did you buy some pink fur dice

for the Enterprise?




I need to get a job.

Too much time spent on chatting

and Team Fortress 2.




Your spaceship melted?

You were going really fast?

Talk to Bill Unruh.




The Fat of the Land.

Diesel Power blows your mind.

The Prodigy rocks.

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I'll bet Viagra

was angry Chevy took the

slogan, "Like a Rock!"




Any port in a

storm, so they say, but not a

really stormy port.




I'm in a hurry!

Will hurling you help you out

of my way faster?




Those are my donuts.

Don't even think about it.

This coffee is hot.




We need to talk, man.

How long you had that sweatshirt?

Change is in the air.




Wouldn't it be nice

if one morning you woke up

and I was all rich?

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Uranium, eh?

I would like ten kilograms.

Weight-lifting you see.




Osmium is dense!

But not quite as dense as that

silly Phi for All.




Thermite is great stuff

for melting metal garbage

like Mercedes-Benz.




Physicists say that

black holes sort of suck stuff in

but Phi for All blows.




"Red Bull gives you wings"

I suppose it can indeed

if taken with booze.




Imperial Guard,

Space Marines, Chaos, Necrons,

Dark Eldar, Tau, Orks...


You are wrong, doctor!

Oh no! Not the asylum!

I am not insane!

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