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programming on Ipod?

cameron marical

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But you must sign up with the company for it? Im a sixteen year old programming hobbyist, and would like to simply program little programs for fun and experience straight off the Ipod, not computers other than the Ipod itself. With Internet and virtual keypad, it seems like it should be possible. Not possible?

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If you're just messing around with apps for fun you can certainly go the jailbreak route. As I understand it you can still use XCode and the iPhone Simulator, you just can't submit to the AppStore. If you want to make money, or get the max street cred, that's where you need the AppStore (though bascule might argue the second point).


I don't know much about jailbreaking, but bascule may have some suggestions for you, or you can search for some of his posts in this subforum. Not sure if he's reading this subforum while he's on the road.


This Gamasutra article is useful:



The Apple developer's center can be found here:



Also, I think Stanford is about to restart its iTunes University class on iPhone development. There's not a lot of OpenGL in there but for basic interface stuff and fundamentals of Objective C programming it is HIGHLY recommended. All those videos are free, and the lecturers are borrowed right from the iPhone dev team. Check that out within iTunes.


Good luck!


(All of this applies only to the iPod Touch, btw -- as I understand it, the other iPods are not programmable, at least not officially. I've no idea if there are "breaking" methods for them. Only the iPod Touch and the iPhone are officially supported for development.)

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