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Chemistry of carbonates & bicarbonates - new article


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Dear students! I have posted an article about carbonates and

bicarbonates on my new site. Please go through the article and enhance your knowledge. This article will clear some of your doubts in chemistry in our daily life. I hope this is equally helpful to those who are appearing for chemistry tests.


Access the article at the following url.




Excerpt from the article

You might have seen the effervescence when lime juice is dropped on

granite floor, leaving a white mark. Or you might have observed the

use of baking soda as a leavening agent to rise cookies, cakes etc.,.

You may wonder about the fizz when club soda or coke bottles are

opened. It is a known fact that our favorite bakery items are rendered

tasty by adding baking powder. The use of washing soda in laundries,

in softening hard water; and the use of lime stone and lime water in

making construction materials like Portland cement, lime mortar etc.,

- all of these involve carbonates or bicarbonates.


I hope you enjoy the work.

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