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How do you find electronegativity of an element?


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I know you can look on the periodic table, but if I don't have one handy, is there an equation or something that I can use?


I also know that the electronegativity increases from left to right, and the farther up the periodic table you go, but I would like to find specific numbers. (to use in finding what kind of bond it is.)

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As insane_alien said one can calculate electronegativity. there are scales of electronegativity and of them all (3 i think) paulings scale is most commly used by chemists but it is just qualitative, and the numbers are supposed from a scale of 1-4. But allens, mulikkens etc have mathematical expressions with which it is possible to calculate the electronegativity and they are in good agreement to the paulings scale of electronegtivities.

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