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The New World of Auto Mechanics

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Like most careers, auto mechanics is becoming inscreasingly hi-tech and based on microprocessors. I created an article about a tour to a training facility. Link to article and Power Point version:




Bill Kuhl

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Bill, this is a discussion forum, not a soundstage to promote your own blog. If you have something to discuss, you're welcome to post the topic or question here. Posting links to your blog for back-link SEO purpose is not something we care to encourage.


Seeing as the topic is scientific and that you have more posts here, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt on a post that otherwise would've been discarded of as spam. Please post discussion topics rather than backlinks to your blog.

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Bill, if you would like to write up a nice article and throw it in the engineering section (or perhaps keep us up-to-date with recent technology news by throwing it in the news section), I'd be interested in reading.


I had the opportunity to sit in one of those hybrid cars with a math professor a year and a half ago. It was awesome. The technology was really tuned to helping the driver save fuel and other resources. That was the first (and has been the only) time I've sat inside a hybrid car.


My father worked for Chrysler over 30+ years. But I've never really learned too much about cars.

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Last Sunday I promoted my website at a local film festival by bringing in models that I think can be good for science experiements; water rockets, mousetrap cars, solar cars, electric motors, and model airplanes. Lots of good questions but so far no one is interested enough to contact me yet.


I am convinced this is a good thing to do no matter how many people try thwart my efforts.

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It's not about thwarting your efforts. I, too, have a science education website, but I don't go around posting self-promoting posts on forums (usually those are treated as spam) and expect the forum to cheer as I collect SEO and take advantage of backlinks in a forum that's meant for a discussion.


If you want to discuss something, go ahead, but do it in this forum, according to our rules, and with respect to the etiquette.

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