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Hard Disc Drive Full ????


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I feel like I abuse the system, always asking away yet never being able to help others :)


Ok, my external Hard Drive has the capacity of 640 GB. In explorer and it says that there is 380 GB free space still... However, I am unable to copy anything to it, giving me the error message "Cannot copy. Not enough free Disc space".


I have copied and moved files with this Hard Drive many times and I have had way more data on it previously... This is the first time I have expirienced anything like this. Please help.


The Hard drive uses FAT32 file system and my Pc is NTFS I dont know if that could be reason yet its never bothered before.


Thanx in advance to all you "boffins" :)

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Download and install Defraggler disk defragmenter.




Select the external drive from the list at the top and click the 'Analyze' button at the bottom. This will give you a pictorial idea of the amount and distribution of your files on it and hopefully a true picture of the free space left.


It won't sort the problem but it will ascertain the space situation on the drive.

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could be trashed files and shadow copies maybe, windows is good at hiding that stuff from the average user.


me: 'wtf since when did i get 15GB of temporary files?'

vista: 'no you don't'

me: i'm looking at them right now

vista: lalalala

So you talk to your vista often? That explains this quote.

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Thanx all for the great response.


I defraged with the built in windows app. Still no luck. So I backed up my data, formatted and moved the data back. Works like a charm (or at least as it should work) now.


Thanx again all


Vista is terrible :(. I moved back to Xp after one week of Vista. Haha



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