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Help with finding maya converter to C code


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I tried to look for program that can convert 3D image in maya to C code.

I have to find a program that can do that as fast as possible because I have to finish my thesis (which is a 3D paccman game in C language) in 5 mounths from now.


Please, if anyone knows any programs that can do that, please give me a download link.

It's really important.




Thank you very much for all the helpers and your time,


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I don't do game development, or 3D development for that matter, but my general understanding is programs like Maya or 3DS Max can output their models in an open format you should be able to find libraries for.


I haven't seen anything which allows you to directly convert their models into C code.

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How do you use the 3D image in C code, when the image is just in a file? If you already have it working like Load("3DImage.3d.thing") then what you can do is base64 encode the data in that file, make an object with an array just {char 3d_image[] = "..."} where the base64 data is in the .... Then just use a base64 decoding library to turn it back into the original bytes of the file, instead of opening an external file and loading the bytes from it.

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